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Simple to install and easy to train employees, customers have told us that implementing the T-Flex Coin Dispenser can save 5 to 8 seconds on every cash transaction.  This means you’ll process more customers through the line faster, which leads to increased profits.  Because the T-Flex Coin Dispenser automatically calculates the correct change based on commands from the Point of Sale system, cashier errors are a thing of the past.

T-Flex Benefits

- Dramatically improves speed of service and customer throughput

  • Dispenses change in under 2 seconds
  • Saves 5 to 8 seconds per cash transaction
  • Serve more customers faster
  • Improves speed of service by up to 15%

- Safeguards against shrink

  • Improves accuracy
  • Reduces shortages 

- Increases cashier productivity

  • Eliminates bottlenecks waiting for change

- Improves operational efficiency

  • Shift changeover is much faster
  • Less time is spent counting coin
  • Quicker Point of Sale reconciliation 

- Inherently secure

  • Coin is secured in the canister, which is locked into the base

- Less time spent training new employees 

- Virtually maintenance free



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