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The Global Standard for High Volume Transactions

The CashCode MSM BackLoad multi-width bill validator is designed to meet the needs of high volume, indoor or outdoor automated self-service payment kiosks. It is the industry’s fastest bill acceptor, completing the transaction in less than 2.5 seconds, stacking from front to back in a lockable-removable cashbox. This unique design allows operators to mount the unit directly on the door or using a hinge bracket, in up stack or down stack position.

MSM BackLoad uses a reliable self-centering mechanism and beltless transportation guides guides to perfectly center bills of different widths. This maneuver provides world class acceptance to any street grade bills or barcoded tickets inducing the highest security for validation and anti-stringing. This bill validator is also available in various configurations to meet industry demands.

Key Advantages:

  • Widely deployed as part of a bill payment system in self-service kiosks across 35 countries, performing daily volume transactions with 500 or more bills
  • Provides highest acceptance and security protections
  • Simplistic design allows reduction in the cost of ownership

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