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The Stackerless MVU is a reliable and compact bill validator that comes in a multi-width configuration.

This bill validator features a simple and cost effective design that provides bill verification without housing bills into a cashbox. Verified banknotes are dropped into a bag, box or safe of your choice. Thanks to its design the Stackerless MVU provides reliable security at a minimum cost. This product is great for vending and amusement markets where only the owner/operator would have access to the host machine and the money.

The multi-width MVU bill validator uses patented self-centering transport guides that automatically adjust to, and perfectly align with bills of different widths even when fed at an angle—this bill acceptor is ideal for countries with multi-width banknotes. Product features include: 96%+ validation rate on first bill insertion, tool-free service access, and a beltless transport system.

  • High Security Counterfeit Protection
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Compact Design

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