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PayLink is designed to help reduce the time to market for PC-based platforms. This innovative product reduces costs and makes it easy to configure peripherals. It means that new applications can be developed without having to create custom payment software.

PC-based machines have transformed the gaming and pay-to-play markets, as well as payment devices such as retail kiosks. Using  Windows or Linux operating system, new machines and new applications can be developed more easily and launched into the market in very short timescales. Crucial to this development cycle is an equally simple and fast means of integrating different combinations of payment peripherals – handling coins, bills and tokens – into the machine. And that’s exactly what PayLink does. PayLink was developed in consultation with leading machine manufacturers with the twin aims of reducing the development and manufacturing cost of PC-based machines and bringing them to market in the shortest time.

PayLink enables developers to integrate a variety of payment peripherals into the software for new applications without having to create customized payment software. It also enables simple and trouble-free upgrades and alterations to payment peripherals that support download. PayLink is a slim module that connects to a USB port on a PC and operates as a standard “Plug and Play” peripheral device. The module easily fits inside a machine according to the machine’s internal physical configuration. Changes to PayLink’s core firmware are easily effected via its USB connection.

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