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CashCode GX is a state-of-the-art banknote validator specially designed for use in payment and banking self-service kiosks. The new banknote validator integrates a revolutionary validation platform that integrates multiple and new sensor sets with significantly better capabilities and utilizes modern counterfeit detection algorithms running on powerful processors. This provides a quantum leap in counterfeit protection that exceeds any other banknote validator of the same category available on the market.

The CashCode GX is future proof and backwards compatible. This enables CashCode GX retrofit into deployed kiosks to replace existing SM & MSM installations with minimal kiosk rework.

This new banknote validator includes many technological and design advances such as improved protection from a fraud by pulling banknotes, so-called "fishing". Other advances include a 98% acceptance rate from first insertion as well as drop-proof cashboxes.

Availability of high-speed USB-ports offers convenience for testing and software updates through personal or tablet computer, flash card, or mobile phone. In addition, the firmware update via USB-port can be implemented via a remote connection. Using a high-speed USB-port significantly reduces time required for a firmware update.

The CashCode GX offers a choice of three cashbox capacities: 500, 1000 and 1500 street-quality notes.

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