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currenza Clip_Service Tools

Service Tools

  • Stand-alone WinSPT vending machine simulator
  • WinSPT PC application for interface tests
  • ClipManager PC application for comprehensive configuration
  • ClipCard light version for card and key configuration only
  • Firmware update applications
Audit Tools_Audit-Stick

Audit Tools

  • USB Audit Stick for audit readout
  • currenza airstation for text message or email alerts & audit reports via GSM
  • Audit key
  • ClipManager PC application for comprehensive audit
  • ClipAudit light version
  • Audit Manager PC application for audit management
a² long channel housing


  • Totalizer / timer
  • LAN
  • a² long channel housing
currenza Clip_Multi-purpose Reader

Multi-purpose Reader

  • Wall-mounted device for access and time control
  • Totalizer / timer interface
Desktop Reader

Desktop Reader

  • Back-office tool
  • Configuration of cards and keys
  • Handling of audit and programming keys
currenza Clip_Mini Cash Tool

Mini Cash Register

  • Revalue (reload) cards and keys
  • Cash register (vends)
currenza Clip_Wall-mounted Loading Station

Wall-mounted Loading Station

  • Revalue (reload) cards and keys
  • Bill acceptance
  • Coin acceptance (optional, not shown)

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