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QA Policy

Everybody at Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) is committed to consistently designing, manufacturing, supplying, and supporting products and services that completely meet (or exceed) our customers' expectations. 

Quality is an integral part of our culture and strategy. Driven by the senior directors, it involves all our employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors. We are also driving improvements with cooperation of our suppliers and customers through listening to the Voice of the Customer. This valuable information is collected on a per vertical basis as well as per product and helps in our customer intimacy process. 

Internal quality and self-improvement is also important to us. As a company, we strive to be consistent across the globe with our Crane Business System Culture. Our primary objectives are to be aware of and meet the needs of our customers (both internal and external) in every area of our business. Through continual improvement programs we are a truly "World Class" company delivering total customer satisfaction.