Coin Counter


Easy to use

Tailored to your needs

Reduce sorting and counting time

Increase count accuracy

Built to last

Product Information

Low-volume coin counter machine.

A good solution for low-volume coin counting businesses, the Tornado coin counter provides reliability and accuracy at counting speeds of up to 3,200 coins per minute.

Whether using coin packaging tubes to dispense a preset number of coins into paper coin wraps, or automatically bagging your coins using the front bag adapter, the Tornado increases your coin counting accuracy and makes quick work of your coin processing tasks.

For more featured machines that sort and count mixed coins, learn more about the JetSort®family of attended coin sorters or our CoinMax self-service coin counters. They are our latest generation of equipment that's sure to save you time and money by improving efficiency.


  • Easy to use - The exclusive patented universal adjustment mechanism means there are no adjustment knobs. Easily set diameter and thickness in a single action at the advanced control panel.
  • Tailored to your needs - Programmable settings allow you to tailor your coin counting operation to your specific needs and expectations.
  • Reduce sorting and counting time - The Tornado counts more than 3,200 coins per minute and has an exclusive automatic jam-clearing mechanism that ensures continuous operation.
  • Increase count accuracy - Features such as the count sensor, automatic jam clearing, bag overflow detection and over count detection all combine to provide the Tornado’s coin counting accuracy and accountability.
  • Built to last - High-end parts and quality construction ensure the Tornado coin counter will stand up to heavy duty use. As your needs change, the Tornado can adapt to meet those needs.