Merchant Keypad combo
Merchant Keypad combo

Merchant Combo Keypad

Vending Machine


Connect - Modern design attracts consumers with custom graphics and screen messaging 

Engage - Color touchscreen and compelling digital advertising drive consumer engagement 

Sell - Shopping cart feature and integrated payment systems deliver 41% more sales than machines with just cashless

Product Information

The Merchant Combo Keypad changes the way consumers view snack and drink vending. Customers can pair their favourite snack with a tasty beverage in one easy transaction.


  • Temperature control ranges include to zone or entire cabinet refrigeration for flexible product retailing including cold drinks, dairy, fresh foods , snacks and more
  • Up to 7 shelves and 12-wide product configurations for a variety of product inventory
  • NAMA Health and Safety Control
  • SureVend technology reliably delivers product
  • Meets 2012 ADA height guidelines
  • Customizable graphics to attract customers and drive same-store sales growth
  • Ready-to-go graphic design solutions for healthy vending