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The vending industry has seen significant growth in recent years and the evolution of ePayments is no different. More and more credit and debit cards are rapidly becoming important consumer payment options.

Offering the MEI EasiChoice™ bezel on your vending machines, allows customers to pay with whatever is in their wallet; banknotes, coupons, magnetic stripe cards, NFC/contactless payments, and contactless EMV cards. The MEI EasiChoice bezel can also accept mobile wallets like ApplePay™, AndroidPay™ and SamsungPay™.  Paired with an MEI validator, you can now offer your customers an easy choice for making their purchases and watch your sales grow.

More payment options result in sales increases due to the convenience consumers now have to make the purchase using whatever form of payment they choose. This popular card reader can mount to an existing MEI VN2700 validator or it can be purchased as a total solution with a validator included.

When combined with the Advance 5000™ telemeter, the MEI EasiChoice cashless bezel meets PCI PA-DSS requirements, giving operator’s confidence that their cashless solution meets the industry standards for security.

*This bezel is currently only sold in Canada and Australia for the vending market*



Innovation comes first with this modern payment unit with easy-to-follow visual and audible instructions for fast and secure transactions

Convenience for your customers with more choices for making purchases: bills, coupons, credit and debit cards , contact and contactless cards and mobile wallets

Industry standard sizing means easy fitment into the standard bill validator slot – no additional openings required on the machine

Retrofitting is easy onto the existing MEI CashFlow  bill validators or VNR Recyclers in your field base

Bright LED runway lights attract consumers to the machine and direct them towards payment options in those dim light locations

Secures card holder data via industry standard encryption

EMV certified for Contact and Contactless acceptance

Certified by Visa™, MasterCard™, American Express™, Interac™ and China Union Pay™

Interface screen guides consumers through the payment process with a seamless user-friendly experience

Accepts custom made MEI coupons for promotional incentives and discounted vending programs


Operating temperature
-15°C to 60°C
Type of Payment
Accepting Contactless EMV, Moblie/NFC, Magnetic stripe, Contact EMV, Coupon, Cash
Display Type
2 x 16 LCD, Multilingual support
Power Supply: 5v DC regulated supply - Recommend 1Amp peak capacity
MSR: 2 track bi-directional
Audio Visual: LED illuminated card entry slots and audio buzzer
SAM: 2 SAM Slots
CE, RoHS, FCC, Water Ingress: IP21, ESD Protected
Note Insertion




Advance 5000

Advance 5000

The Advance 5000, also known as A5K, is CPI’s telemetry solution that will add connectivity to your vending machine and handle the communication between your card reader and the Acquirer’s bank, to guarantee a fast and secure transaction. PCI DSS certified when paired with an Advance 5000 telemeter.

Cashflow™ VNR Recycler