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v² falcon™


v² falcon™

The 3.5" NRI v² falcon™ coin validator is designed to be the fastest, freefalling validator without sacrificing any of the reliability the NRI coin validators are famous for. This superior unit has an exceptionally high validation rate of 10 coins per second making it an ideal choice for gaming, ticketing and parking machines. Special freefall design minimizes machine downtime and shortens transaction times.

Adding a high speed, 3-way sorter and paired with a Universal or Compact Hopper makes this coin validator the optimal choice for your customers on the go.


High acceptance speed of up to 10 coins per second reduces transaction times considerably

Secure processing of up to 32 different coin denominations provides customer flexibility for all coins in their pockets

High acceptance speed and short transaction times improves customer’s experience

Freefall design reduces coin jams and keeps machine downtime to a minimum

Utilize heartbeat PC application for extensive device & coin configurations as well as uploads right at the machine minimizing downtime

Extra flat version and an optional 3-way high-speed sorter are available for individual machine environments


Coin Insertion
Single coin, top entry
Coin Speed (coin/s)
Up to 10 coins per second
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 102mm x 89mm x 52mm (50mm with extra flat version)
Industry Format
3.5 inch
Coin Sorting
Optional / external high-speed 3-way
Operating Temperature
0°C to +60°C
Coin Processing
32 coins max. in 2 x 16 or 1 x 32 channels
Diameter: 15mm – 32.5m
Thickness: 1.5mm – 3.3mm
Front Plate
Front plate is not available
Interfaces Supported
Parallel: v2 colibri-compatible, 10-pin standard version
Parallel: SGI 16/49/46/62/33/80/100 versions as Simple Gaming Interfaces
Serial: ccTalk standard
Serial: ccTalk ACMI according to Italian gaming machine act
Supply Voltage
10 V DC – 16 V DC


Extra Flat Version

Extra Flat Version


Firmware Update Tools

Firmware Update Tools (v² falcon)

CXFlash PC application for back-office uploads

Test Tools

Test Tools (v² falcon)

  • ccTalk Demo PC application for testing coin acceptance of v² falcon ccTalk
  • WinSPT PC application for testing coin acceptance and interfaces of serial v² falcon
System Integrators

System Integrators (v² falcon)

  • iMini Hub
  • Payment Manager program library for serial coin validators
  • NRIHIDAPI.dll program library for serial coin validators


e² escrow for coin collection and deflection to cashbox or return area

Configuration Tools

Configuration Tools (v² falcon)

heartbeat PC application for detailed back-office configuration


Sorter (v² falcon™)

s2 HSD-3000 3-way, high-speed sorter