The world of money

From the earliest coins minted in Lydia in 687 BC, the rise of global currency has funded governments, enabled banking systems, and has grown the world economy, facilitating the payment of goods and services. 

Currently, the total value of all coins and banknotes in world circulation is roughly $5 trillion USD and growing.  We estimate currency generates $14 trillion of world GDP.

Global relevance

Roughly five of the seven billion people on our planet are adults.

For the three billion banked adults on earth, cash remains the most frequently used payment medium.  For the remaining two billion unbanked adults, cash is the only option.

Cash 'rich', 'reach' poor

Currency was designed for person to person transactions; it has incredible “richness”.   No equipment is required; the person that receives it senses the value by the elements of design. 

However, currency has very limited “reach” - the value is in the physical object and therefore bound to a location.  Additionally, in an increasingly self-service world, there is no “person” present to receive the currency.

We digitize currency for global reach

We exist to build products that securely transform analogue currency to digital value and back again, while securing and managing the physical currency. 

Our components provide secure cash transactions in self-service applications in a range of industries, extending currency’s reach in over 120 nations around the world. 

Beyond cash

We have pioneered connectivity solutions to connect remote machines to networks, enabling route logistics, service alerts and cash management. 

We use the same connections to enable cashless transactions. 

Our CPI vision

It is our vision be your trusted partner to enable the consumer choice of payments, continually improving the security, efficiency and reliability of transactions in the developed world, while supporting financial inclusion and cash automation initiatives in the developing world. 

We will also use our connectivity skills to explore profitable adjacencies in the coming Internet of Things and utilize our core competency of low cost, smart sensing to create new horizons for the future.