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The oneCheck™ Asset Management System is an advanced analytical tool that provides a secure environment to streamline your drop, soft count and... Click to see oneCheck™


Audit Manager

The Audit Manager is a free of charge back office software allowing heterogeneous audit data to be imported using various readout devices and exported as... Click to see Audit Manager



PayLink is designed to help reduce the time to market for PC-based platforms. This innovative product reduces costs and makes it easy to configure... Click to see PayLink™


PayLink™ Lite

PC-based machines have transformed the gaming and pay-to-play markets, as well as payment devices such as retail kiosks. Using a Windows or Linux operating... Click to see PayLink™ Lite


PayLink™ Micro

Product integration shows Crane Payment Innovation (CPI) at its very best. CPI uses its coin and bill validators in conjunction with its... Click to see PayLink™ Micro