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CLS Coin Recycler

Coin recycling enables operational efficiency in a variety of retail and financial applications. Noted for its high speed and compact format, the CLS Coin... Click to see CLS Coin Recycler


CashFlow® 8000

Since the development of the first electronic coin acceptor, MEI has created several families of highly innovative payment systems that help operators... Click to see CashFlow® 8000


CashFlow® Series 7000

The MEI CashFlow® Series 7000 has been the reliable choice in over 1 million operator installations since its release. The industry’s first coin... Click to see CashFlow® Series 7000


T-Flex™ Coin Dispenser

Simple to install and easy to train employees, customers have told us that implementing the T-Flex Coin Dispenser can save 5 to 8 seconds on every cash... Click to see T-Flex™ Coin Dispenser


CL-T100 Coin Changer

The Conlux CL-T100 Coin Changer, “Smart & Fast” is the right choice!! Six key features will drive more value and profitability into your... Click to see CL-T100 Coin Changer


MCM5 Coin Changer

The new Conlux® MCM5 coin changer provides increased tube capacity, additional float options, and enhancements in product durability and... Click to see MCM5 Coin Changer


CR100 Range Coin Recycler

The compact Money Controls CR100 is a space efficient, integrated coin sorter and coin recycler; accepting customers’ coin in bulk, sorting to... Click to see CR100 Range Coin Recycler


Universal™ Hopper

The Money Controls Universal Hopper is the original and still the best coin hopper available with millions sold worldwide since launch. As the... Click to see Universal™ Hopper


Compact Hopper

The Money Controls Compact Hopper does exactly what the name says, providing a large capacity coin hopper in a small footprint. This makes it ideal for many... Click to see Compact Hopper


h² nano® Coin Hopper

The NRI h² nano compact coin hopper with superior coin payout reliability and additional manipulation protection makes your application more... Click to see h² nano® Coin Hopper


Cyclone Hopper

As with other coin hoppers in the Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) portfolio, the Money Controls Cyclone handles almost all the world’s coin sets, but... Click to see Cyclone Hopper


BCR200 Range Coin Recycler

In one single module the Money Controls Bulk Coin Recycler (BCR) offers proven coin handling; accepting customers’ coins in bulk, sorting to... Click to see BCR200 Range Coin Recycler


CoinXpress™ CX25 Coin Dispenser

The CoinXpress CX25 coin dispenser offers outstanding performance with extremely high reliability for years of operation in self-service and self-checkout... Click to see CoinXpress™ CX25 Coin Dispenser


v² colibri Coin Validator

The v² colibri is Crane Payment Innovations’ (CPI's) newest 3.5” coin validator on the market. With input from the NRI and Money... Click to see v² colibri Coin Validator


G-13.mft Coin Validator

The NRI G-13.mft is the market leading 3.5" coin validator. This popular coin validator is used in applications with standard coin acceptance speed... Click to see G-13.mft Coin Validator


v² falcon Coin Validator

The 3.5" NRI v² falcon coin validator is equipped with unique MFT validation technology and is designed to be the fastest, freefalling validator... Click to see v² falcon Coin Validator


v² eagle Coin Validator

The NRI v² eagle coin validator with improved validation technology in a 5" format is setting standards within the payment systems... Click to see v² eagle Coin Validator


v² pelicano Bulk Coin Validator

The v² pelicano is a brand new ground-breaking solution for machine manufacturers where bulk coin input is a requirement – e.g. for change... Click to see v² pelicano Bulk Coin Validator



The mobile HENRI is a service tool for the currenza c² series and helps with quick diagnostics and firmware updates on site. It can also be used for... Click to see HENRI



The mobile HENRI+ is a universal on-site service tool for NRI coin validators and serves for diagnostics and all-round coin and device configuration as well... Click to see HENRI+


e² escrow

The e² is not only escrow but also a coin deflector. It collects all the coins inserted into the machine before directing them either into the... Click to see e² escrow


currenza® c² Coin Changer & Recycler

The currenza c² is a superior coin changer and coin recycler. Known for its distinctive 6-tube system, this coin changer consistently delivers high... Click to see currenza® c² Coin Changer & Recycler