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The v² pelicano is a brand new ground-breaking solution for machine manufacturers where bulk coin input is a requirement – e.g. for change machines, kiosk, retail or fare collection applications.

Until now bulk coin validation solutions have involved a separate device for feeding coins individually into a coin validator. Instead the v² pelicano combines both bulk coin input and coin validation in one product – saving space and integration costs for manufacturers by merging two systems into one. Additionally an acceptance speed of up to 4 coins per second while inserting 20 different coins at the same time makes applications faster and more profitable.

Key Advantages:

  • Incorporates 2 coin systems in one chassis: A bulk coin feeder handling up to 20 coins and a coin acceptor
  • Utilizes unique MFT coin validation technology for highest coin security
  • Monitoring of cashbox and coin reject routes provides high manipulation protection

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