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The compact Money Controls CR100 is a space efficient, integrated coin sorter and coin recycler; accepting customers’ coin in bulk, sorting to individual coin hoppers and providing charge at the end of a transaction. Customers appreciate the auto-jam detection and clearance function on this efficient coin sorter. With a minimum coin-in to coin-out height, the CR100 is ADA and DDA compliant and is available for world coins.

High Capacity:

Minimize the need for frequent refilling using the CR100 coin recycling system as it can hold up to 400 coins.

Compact Design:

Ideal for mounting at table top height, the CR 100 coiin recycler maximizes coin capacity in a minimized space envelope.

Reliability Comes First:

Auto jam detection and clearance functions means the CR100 coin recycler can cope with most issues without the need for manual attendance.

Product Integration:

A single USB connection provides easy software integration based on a simple API (application programming interface).


Detailed audit data provides comprehensive records of coins in and out.

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