Pay Fines Easily with Self-Service Government Kiosks


When it comes to the automation trend that is transforming our cities every day, public space is no exception. In California, courthouses realized that automating the traffic and criminal fine payment process was key to increase the accessibility and the efficiency for visitors.

GPSI's Self-Service Government Kiosk Integrated with CPI Cash Handling Solutions 

The Challenge

Courthouse lobbies are not big places and kiosks are traditionally large,” explained Chris Trujillo, Operations Manager at GPSI. The product idea that naturally solved this concern was an outdoor self-service kiosk. However, in order to build such kiosks, quick and flawless cash handling device was crucial as no staff member would be standing next to the kiosk when it is down. “Cash handling is vital to our business as it’s how we market ourselves,” stated Cheri Tuccelli, VP Operations at GPSI. “We needed a quick and efficient solution. With payments of traffic and criminal fines, we were required to be able to give back change.”

“Cash handling is vital to our business as it’s how we market ourselves”

The Solution

Shortly after, CPI introduced the BNR note recycler to GPSI, a product with modular design and flexible architecture, which Mr. Trujillo describes as “the complete package.”

The BNR is installed inside a 2ft x 2ft x 6ft kiosk that accepts checks, money orders, credit and debit card payments and most importantly, accepts and returns banknotes. The BNR is also suited for semi-protected outdoor environments, which was ideal for courthouses where indoor spaces are limited. The BNR was designed to provide all of the cash handling ability of a human cashier, with increased security and cash management benefits.

The BNR note recycler accepts all USD denominations and can pay back change in up to four types of notes: $1, $5, $10, or $20. The BNR increases ROI thanks to its key values: recycle multiple denominations and return change, significantly reduces float and enhanced security. GPSI estimates that the new government kiosks are able to carry out the workload of two cashiers.

The Result

Within one month, the kiosks at the Superior Court of Kern Country in California handled over 2,000 transactions, totaling nearly $240K. After such successful contributions to the courthouses, GPSI was offered the contract to deploy the same kiosk to all courthouses in the entire state of California, something they believe wouldn’t have been possible without the BNR.

“Without CPI’s BNR recycler, there would be no court contracts for us; it is a vital part of our kiosks."

The court itself benefits in a number of ways. More money is received in the form of cash payments, while staff are now free to carry out more administrative duties and other assigned work,” mentioned Trujillo. At Superior Court of Kern Country, the facility now closes two hours earlier Monday to Thursday and Fridays are a half day.

Looking ahead, GPSI expects to triple the number of units over the next six months. “Since we have installed the BNR, feedback has been 100% positive,” he stated. “All minor penalties were resolved quicker, given that kiosks are available even when there is no staff on duty. Throughout the country it is the same story”

The value that these kiosks bring ultimately comes down to the improved customer experience and 24/7 convenience. As well, the courts in California do not have to educate their staff on extra cash handling compliance and requirements.

“Before we installed our kiosks, it would take hours to make a payment with no other choice than to wait in line; now, customers can come during their lunch break and get in and out fairly quickly.”


About General Payment Systems Inc. (GPSI): GPSI is a software solutions company that provides automated kiosks to government agencies. The agencies use GPSI’s payment automation to collect payments from the public for a variety of purposes, including utility payments, taxes, traffic tickets, and court fines.



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Paying fines at courts will never be an enjoyable experience for anyone; yet, an easy payment process on their own time can eliminate another round of stress that visitors might face from the long queues in the lobby.

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