h2 nano
h2 nano

h² nano™ Hopper

Coin Hopper


Superior Reliability. Accepts coins and tokens independent of coin surface with 2 million+ coins payout

High performance with 9 coins per second payout

Higher security. Optimized manipulation protection and optional encrypted ccTalk communications

Simple installation and set-up. Effortless mounting and disassembly with easy access to machine interface

Modular Flexibility. Range of bowl sizes for different coin capacities

Product Information

The h² nano coin hopper provides superior coin payout reliability and additional manipulation protection. This ensures applications are more reliable and profitable. This coin accepting hopper has a payout speed of 9 coins per second keeping transaction times to a minimum.

Four 'plug and play' bowl sizes are available (S,M,L,X) and an intuitive traffic light system informs users of status and error diagnosis.

The h² nano coin hopper is secure, featuring optimized manipulation protection with optional encrypted ccTalk communications.

Choose the h² nano for flexible, reliable, and secure coin hoppers.