How to Attract High Rollers with Cashless Payment Options in Casinos

Enhanced Player Convenience

Elevate Your Casino Experience with Cashless Mobile Payments

The Power of Choice in Payments

3 Reasons Why Players Are Disengaging with Casinos and How to Win Them Back

The Ultimate Solution – Cashless Payments

Why offering a Single Payment Method is Causing Player Friction in Your Casinos

Single Payment Method is Causing Player Friction in Your Casinos

3 Ways Modern Casinos Are Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Cashless Payments

The Future of Cashless Payments in Casinos

Press Release - Crane Payment Innovations partners with Bibbeo

Crane Payment Innovations is proud to announce a partnership with Bibbeo, a nationally recognized installation company for large scale Point-of-Sale kiosks, ATMs, Smart Safes, and more

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 11 | Ruzanna Nahapetyan

Ruzanna Nahapetyan, Co-founder of SimplySolutions goes over IT integration with retail operations to enhance CX in the dynamic world of retail technology

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 10 | Alexis Tsingeni

Alexis Tsingeni, host of Retail O-Tones dives into into the dynamic world of retail technology

How The CPI Cashless System Enhances Casino Player Experiences

Three ways how CPI's cashless system can enhance player experience

Boost Your Casino's Efficiency with the CPI Cashless System

Streamlining processes and boosting efficiencies across the casino floor

Three Reasons Why This is The Best Way To Enable Cashless Payments In Casinos

CPI Cashless System: Cashless Payments made easy

Cashless Payments For Casinos, Simplified

CPI’s Cashless System is the Game-Changer You’ve Been Waiting For

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 9 | Phil Nutter

Phil Nutter, Sales Director at iRetailCheck delves into the innovative strategies reshaping retail's approach to minimizing shrinkage in self-checkout.

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 8 | Kevin Müller

Kevin Müller, Director of Retail Acceleration at Shopreme discusses the pressing issues facing brick-and-mortar retailers today

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 7 | Maciej Czapiewski

Maciej Czapiewski, Emerging Technology Director at Mago, discusses navigating the challenges & opportunities in the retail sector

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 6 | Peter Trosien

Peter Trosien, CEO of Pyramid talks about the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into retail solutions

Looking For Self-Checkout Solutions, But Not Sure Where To Start? Here's How To Find The Perfect Solution For Your Store

Guidance for retailers embarking on this self-checkout journey

Making Checkout Easy: How Crane Payment Innovations Makes Self-Checkout Work For You

Self-checkout technology is at the forefront of rapid retail digitization

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 5 | David Kat

David Kat, SVP of Business Development at Wasteless remarks on harnesses artificial intelligence to turn this around, making champions of sustainability

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 4 | Attila Bessenyei

Attila Bessenyei, CEO - Laurel Retail, shares about how self-checkouts have changed the retail landscape

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 3 | Khuldoon Bukhari

Khuldoon Bukhari, CEO - Envelope | shares insights into revolutionizing retail shelf analytics with AI in the CPI ThoughtCast series

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 2 | Anton Heidinger

Anton Heidinger - tamigo, a leading provider of workforce management solutions discussing integrating AI

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 1 | Marcel Herz

Marcel Herz, CEO - Tiliter | shares insights into AI in the CPI ThoughtCast series

A Full 360: Why Micro Market Operators are Reverting Back to Vending

The Vending industry is now witnessing a notable return to vending machines, driven by issues such as shrinkage, operational costs, and employment challenges.

Combatting Retail Labor Shortages: The Self-Checkout Solution

Self-checkout has proved to be an effective solution for labor shortage issues

Press Release - Crane Payment Innovations partners with Mohegan INSPIRE’s Casino

Crane Payment Innovations is proud to announce a partnership with Mohegan INSPIRE Entertainment Resort

Cashless Payments: The Untapped Casino Frontier

Leveraging Cashless Payments for Enhanced Security and AML Compliance in Casinos

Revolutionizing Casino Operations: Tackling Slot Machine Downtime

Unlocking the Power of the Invisible Player for Casino Growth

Modernizing Casino Technology to Meet Player Expectations

Market Thought | Services - Q & A with Mike Jarmus

We sat down with Mike Jarmus, CPI’s Strategic Marketing Director for Services, to get his insights into the service market, including changes within the market, including what it means to be a CPI field service partner and more

Elevate the Retail Experience with CPI Custom Self-Checkout Solutions

One Size Does Not Fit All Why You Need a Custom Self-Checkout

Take a look at these reasons why stores should be opting for custom self-checkout solutions.

Market Thought Monday | Gaming Q & A with Molly Dugan

We sat down with Molly Dugan, CPI’s Strategic Marketing Director for Gaming, to get her insights into the gaming market, including changes within the market, what a cashless future looks like for casinos, and more

Paypod: The Labor Shortage Solution

If your self-checkout only accepts cards, you’ve only solved half the problem

The Missing Piece: Is Cash The Answer To Your Self Checkout Woes?

If your self-checkout only accepts cards, you’ve only solved half the problem

3 Ways That Self Checkout Can Transform the Retail Customer Experience

Making in-store purchases as convenient as possible

CPI expands portfolio of checkout solutions with launch of Paypod™ Compact

Easiest way to add cash to your self-checkout

Leave No Customer Behind - Why Cash Options Still Matter

EV Charging One-To-Many Payment Terminal Approach

Critical costs can be saved by investing in a EV payment terminal

EV Charging PIN Payment

Understanding the Need for PIN by Solving the Challenge of Payment at EV Chargers

EV Charging Open Payment

Is Payment Anxiety the New Range Anxiety?

EV Charging - Blog

Wallet-friendly payment solutions to reduce EV charge anxiety

Q&A: Done Right, Self-Checkout Yields Big Benefits

Convenience Store News sat down with CPI's Bassam Estaitieh, Business development strategic marketing director of Retail, to discuss these benefits of Self-Checkout and how to maximize them.

CPI Wins Two Prestigious AVS Awards

CPI Recognized by AVS as Best Customer Services Team and Best Freestanding Coffee Machine


How Cash at the Self-Checkout Can Ease Labor Issues

It’s 2022--Retailers have recognized the value of self-checkout technology and the benefits it will bring to their stores including easing labor shortage problems, improving the customer experience, and, of course, increasing the bottom line. Now you need to consider how to deploy your self-checkout to best suit the needs of your stores and your customers; the big question is—do you automate cash, or go completely cashless?

3 Ways Self-Checkout Can Improve Your Business

Customers actively avoid long lines, and the stores that host them. Self-checkout options can help increase throughput, but also provide another way to manage labor shortages.

CPI Wins Christ Church Casino

CPI chosen as exclusive payment supplier for Christchurch Casino in New Zealand. The deal will outfit all slots with SC Advance banknote validators backed by Easitrax Connect.

5 Tips for Picking a Vending Management System

Choosing the right VMS can mean a better customer experience, better engaged employees, and reduced business costs. We break down 5 essentials for picking the right VMS for your vending operation.

Five Security Questions to Ask Your Payments Partner

With an increasingly connected work, your payment security is more important than ever. We break down 5 questions to ask your payment partner to ensure that your assets are protected end-to-end.

CPI and Fintaris Announce Partnership

CPI and Fintaris Payment Solutions announce their partnership to enable cash automation across the Middle East. The expansion of Paypod pay stations gives the region’s businesses the ability to offer an improved customer experience.

CPI Wins Viejas Casino & Resort

CPI wins contract with Viejas Casino & Resort in Alpine, CA to upgrade their  slot floor to SC Advance with Easitrax Connect to support Bluetooth mobile payment.

CPI Wins Quil Ceda Creek Casino

CPI chosen as exclusive payment supplier for the newly opened Quil Ceda Creek Casino. The deal will outfit all slots with SC Advance banknote validators backed by Easitrax Web.

Consumers and Sustainability: Vending's Green Future

There’s one topic that has transcended every country, industry, and consumer group: sustainability. What do retailers need to know about this consumer shift toward sustainable purchasing? Read on to understand the trends that are molding a new generation of business investments.

Vending Goes Green: What Operators Need to Know

During these uncertain times, one thing is clear: sustainability has never been more important. How does vending fit into the sustainability equation? And how can operators adapt to meet evolving industry standards and the needs of environmentally conscious consumers?

Gaming Gone Cashless: Why It Has to Be Mobile

The transition to cashless payment in casinos will be a long endeavor. Until casinos are fully integrated, we break down how mobile payment can lend an immediate solution.

CPI Relaunches BevMAX

CPI has relaunched the Crane BevMAX machine portfolio in the US to comply with new energy standards established by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). This is a part of a green initiative to provide vending operators with cleaner solutions in their vending machine operation.

Gaming Gone Cashless: 4 Ways Casinos can Navigate the Transition to ePayment

Navigating new technology can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. CPI explores 4 ways casinos can focus on implementing unattended cashless payment terminals on their gaming machines to enhance the player experience.

CPI Wins Circa Casino & Resort

CPI chosen as exclusive payment supplier for the newly opened Circa Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. The deal will outfit all slots with SC Advance banknote validators backed by Easitrax Web.

Cashless Trends that Will Take off in Casinos

With the tide changing in regulations and cashless making its way into the gaming infrastructure, which cashless trends will be accelerated as gaming payments go beyond greenbacks? Read for the top 3 trends to watch for.

Help Yourself: Coffee, COVID and the Future of Self-Service

COVID has forever changed the consumer experience, and from retailers to restaurants, operators are quickly adapting to serve their customers in a convenient but safe way. What self-service trends have emerged, and how can office coffee service (OCS) operators learn from them? Read the blog to find out.

Cashless Payment and Responsible Gaming

As casinos look to the future of gaming and integrating cashless wagering at slot machines, how can the industry implement new technology while adhering to responsible gaming practices? We break down how electronic payment will help promote safe wagering practices for operators and players.

America's Coin Shortage: What America Needs to Know

What does America's coin shortage mean? And how can vending operators use vending payment systems to combat pressure on their coin levels? Read to find out.

CPI Wins Downstream Casino

CPI wins contract with Downstream Casino Resort in OK to upgrade their Easitrax Web platform to Easitrax Connect with Bluetooth to enable mobile payment at the machine.

Bringing Mobile Payment to Gaming

CPI and Global Payments join forces to deliver a mobile payment solution that allows players to transfer credits right from their phone to the gaming machine.

The Future of Vending Payment Systems

As operators look to invest in the next level of vending payment technology, what trends can they expect? Read to learn more.

CPI Partners With SkyCity Entertainment Group

The CPI gaming team is proud to announce a preferred partnership with SkyCity Entertainment Grou

Cashless Payment is Coming to Casinos - Are You Ready?

Cashless payment is finally making its way to casinos. Find out how you can prepare your operation for the next layer of payment. 

CPI Wins Concorde Casino Tower

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. company, announces that Concorde Hotels & Resorts has signed a preferred supplier agreement to equip all of their slot machines with SC Advance™ bill validators at their new casino in Nicosia, North Cyprus.

CPI Partners with New Casino Resort in Vietnam

CPI partners with new Vietnam casino and resort to deliver gaming connectivity and operational efficiency.

CMS Merger into CPI

Malvern, PA (June 23, 2020) – Crane Merchandising Systems, a Crane Co. company and leading global provider of solutions for cold drink, snack, food, and premium hot beverages has merged with Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a global leader in banknote and coin validation, cashless payment, cash processing, and asset management software.

100% Cashless: 4 Reasons Why Not to Give Up on Cash

With rising hygiene concerns around cash, word is spreading that it's time to go all in with cashless. Read for 4 reasons why cash still carries weight, for you and your customers

Touchless Vending? 3 Other Ways Operators Can Stay Safe

The public’s heightened concern for hygiene and safety has piqued interest in vending machines as an on-site sales solution that takes human-to-human contact out of the equation. One top of mind solution on the brains of operators and OEMs alike is a “touchless” vending machine. Is touchless the answer? Read to see three other ways operators can accommodate health and safety. 

Vending as the Hero of Social Distancing

How can operators use their machines—the ultimate unattended retail model—to serve to the needs of social distancing? Read to see how 3 retailers have already adapted.

5 Ways Retailers Are Stepping Up During the COVID-19 Crisis

How can retailers protect their customers and staff as hygiene and personal safety play an increasingly dominant role? You can start by focusing on automation.

Payments and Public Health: Where Do Retailers Go From Here?

A lot has changed in retail in a few short months. This is especially true for the future of payment. Read about how retailers can handle cash in the time of increased focus on hygiene.

Protecting Customers and Cashiers at the Point of Sale

How can retailers protect their customers and staff as hygiene and personal safety play an increasingly dominant role? You can start by focusing on automation.

Talos Home Configuration Race

Chuck Reed, VP of Vending, and his wife, Pam,  are taking some free time at home to put our tech to the test with the latest in vending payment systems.

Global Cashless Payment

Global technology management can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. How can operators simplify their payment technology to ease ownership and maximize their investment? Read more to find out how.

Slovenian Sports Betting Lottery Specifies CPI on All New Betting Terminals

Superior product performance and after-sales support were key factors in the decision to specify CPI for both coin and note validation.

Letter to our Customers from the President of CPI

Please read this important update regarding the commitment by CPI to continue delivering the solutions and services you need to succeed even in these challenging times.

2020 Vision: What to Expect in a New Decade of Vending

A new decade comes with new opportunities and concerns. Read on to find out what vending operators can expect as we head into 2020.

The Next Layer of Connectivity: How Bluetooth Will Change Cashless

As technology rapidly adapts and evolves, the opportunities for increased cashless capability are endless. As we look to the future of cashless payment, how can Bluetooth stand to increase efficiency for customers and operators alike? Read more to find out.

CPI Releases New CR6000™

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – February 26, 2020 – Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, announces the release of the CR6000 Coin Recycler.

CPI Releases New CLS Advance™

Malvern, PA (January 29, 2020) – Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, announces the release of the CLS Advance Coin Recycler.

Picking the Right Card Reader

It's not always easy to identify the correct card reader for your business. As electronic payment technology advances, merchants should look for solutions that address more than just card payments. Read on to find out just what operators should look for in the right cashless payment system.

Acquisition of Cummins Allison

Malvern, PA (February 4, 2020) – Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. company and global leader in banknote and coin validation, cashless payment systems, and asset management software, today announced the acquisition of Cummins Allison, a leading provider of coin, currency and check handling solutions, as well as ATM machines.

The 5 Cs of Connectivity

Ed Kozma of CPI walks vending operators through the 5 Cs of connectivity to help develop connectivity strategies for vending.

How to Use Connectivity to Transform Your Cash Hardware

Simplify your vending experience with connected cash hardware. Increase machine uptime (and sales) with connectivity. 

Payment Options: What Vending Needs to Know About Consumer Choice

Simplify your vending experience with connected cash hardware. Increase machine uptime (and sales) with connectivity. 

Join Us for Your Best NAMA Yet

Looking forward to another great year at the NAMA Show? CPI can help you plan your week to make it your best show ever.

The Time is Now for Mobile Payments in Gaming

CPI and GPGS have developed a solution for mobile’s infrastructure and regulatory challenges in the gaming industry.

Payment Preferences: It's About Choice

CPI has analyzed external reports to create a infographic to help you better understand how Europeans handle payment transactions.

Increase Teller Efficiency by 30%

Victor from Danemar Trading discusses how bill payment kiosks can improve teller efficiency by 30%.

CPI Shortlisted for The Vendies

CPI is a finalist for The Vendies. Read more about why our CPI e-vending™ mobile app was nominated for the Best Payment Systems award.

3 Underreported Trends from The Paypers Report

The "Payment Methods Report" by The Paypers covers industry alternatives. Here are three understated payment trends that didn’t receive the headline treatment.

Increasing Bank Branch Efficiency through Coin Recycling

In an automated world, bank tellers still manually handle coins. A focus on financial services would be a better use of their time. Here’s the CPI solution.

CPI Strengthening Protections against Counterfeit Cash in Banking

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, has enhanced its BCR coin recycler to meet “OLAF” regulation standards. OLAF, or the European Anti-Fraud Office, investigates fraud against the EU budget, corruption and serious misconduct within the European institutions.

Crane Payment Innovations Reveals New Paypod™ Pay Station During EuroCIS 2018

Crane Payment Innovations is proud to announce the launch of Paypod Pay Station, the latest innovation in point-of-sale payment automation technology. CPI will showcase their new product at the EuroCIS Trade Fair.

Crane Payment Innovations Announces New Paypod™ Pay Station During NRF 2018

Crane Payment Innovations, a Crane Co. company, is proud to introduce Paypod, an all-new pay station for the retail market that automates payment at the point of sale. CPI will showcase the new product during the upcoming NRF retail show.

Crane Payment Innovations and LocoMobi Parking Systems

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), the world-wide leader in providing cash payment solutions and a Crane Co. company, announces that their partnership with Locomobi, a leading provider of reliable parking management solutions.

Crane Co. Completes Acquisition of Crane & Co., Inc. ("Crane Currency")

Crane Co. (NYSE:CR), a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products, announced today that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Crane Currency.

Crane Co. Strengthens Connectivity Portfolio

The acquisition strengthens Crane’s technology portfolio with the addition of Microtronic’s complementary capabilities to Crane Connectivity Solutions’ (CCS) electronic payment and connectivity platform, which is available in the US through Crane Payment Innovations and Crane Merchandising Systems.

Small Retailers Across Europe Implement CPI’s Cash Management Technology

CPI to showcase its automated cash management products at the World’s #1 Retail Trade Fair: EuroShop