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Crane Payment Innovations provides a full range of unattended payment solutions aimed at the gaming, retail, transportation, vending and financial services markets.

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Patent Number Product
7014188 BNR Advance™ note recycler
9875594 Talos™ note validator
9783384 SCR Advance™ note recycler
8146914 SC Advance™ note validator
7946576 SC Advance™ note validator
7274032 Talos™ note validator
7878318 BNR Advance™ note recycler
8186672 SC Advance™ note validator
8851373 Easitrax™ Web
8662490 Bunch Note Feeder
8157167 4-in-1 Plus bezel
8573490 4-in-1 Plus bezel
9704324 VNR note recycler
8393612 VNR note recycler
8096400 SCR Advance™ note recycler with removable vault
8864126 SC Advance™ note validator large cash box
8695977 SCR Advance™ note recycler
8695778 SCR Advance™ note recycler
9868604 GX™ note validator
7195113 Cashflow® Series 7000
Gryphon™ coin changer
7708130 Currenza c²® coin changer
Eagle™ validator
Pelicano™ validator
Falcon™ validator
CLS coin recycler
7712597 Currenza c²® coin changer
Gryphon™ coin changer
7740529 T-Flex® Coin Dispenser
8162126 falcon™ coin validator
8827777 Currenza c²®coin changer
Gryphon™ coin changer
8840450 CR100 range coin recycler
8920223 CLS coin recycler
9401060 h²™ hopper
9613479 CLS coin recycler
9934638 CR5000™ coin recycler
9965913 CR5000™ coin recycler
10192384 CR5000™ coin recycler
10192384 CR5000™ coin recycler
10600271 CR5000™ coin recycler
D874569 Paypod™ Hybrid pay station
D892217 Paypod™ Hybrid pay station
10825308 Paypod™ Embedded pay station
D889765 Alio™ Note card reader
D919925 Alio™ Note card reader
Patent Pending Compact Coin Recycler
BNR BNF note recycler


List revised November 2023