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Kevin Müller, Director of Retail Acceleration, Shopreme

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 8


Retail & Change

Shopreme's Mission to Transform Checkout Processes

In this episode of Retail & Change, presented by CPI’s Thoughtcast, host Rob Blythin is joined by Kevin Müller, Director of Retail Acceleration at Shopreme. Together, they discuss the pressing issues facing brick-and-mortar retailers today and how retailers can take advantage of the opportunities presented by self-checkout technologies. 

From staffing shortages to changing customer expectations, retailers across the globe are grappling with significant challenges. Müller points out, "It's getting harder and harder to find front-line staff...queues at the checkout are a problem because it binds a lot of resources at the checkout, which you don't really have."  

Shopreme's innovative approach integrates checkout kiosks, a dedicated exit solution, digital receipts, and a seamless checkout process into a single, streamlined ecosystem. This development is not just about enhancing operational efficiency; it's aimed at elevating the entire customer journey, making shopping more engaging and personalized. Through successful deployments with leading retailers like Aldi and the Arbor Group, Shopreme's solutions have demonstrated their effectiveness and broad appeal. 

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Another one of the core shifts in the retail industry has been the rise in consumer expectations for seamless and enhanced in-store experiences, akin to what they find online. Mueller observes, "Customers today are so spoiled by all the fantastic experiences they have on their smartphones that they also expect similarly enhanced customer journeys when they visit brick-and-mortar retail." Shopreme's solutions are specifically designed to bridge this gap, offering features that cater to the modern consumer's desire for convenience and personalization. 

In addition to improving the shopping experience, Shopreme is focused on tackling the issue of retail shrinkage. Müller elaborates on a comprehensive strategy that includes technological, psychological, and training measures to secure the self-checkout process. This approach not only mitigates shrinkage but ensures a trustworthy and seamless shopping experience for consumers. 

Looking ahead, Müller shares Shopreme's ambitious goals for expansion and innovation, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and partnerships in entering new markets. "We don't see any barriers... for Europe, a lot of the APEC countries, and the US, so Northern America than America, we don't see any challenges," he asserts, highlighting Shopreme's commitment to transforming retail globally through their cutting-edge self-checkout solutions. 

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