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Ruzanna Nahapetyan, Co-founder of SimplySolutions

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 11


Retail & Change

Making the Shift from Retail to Tech Innovation with Ruzanna Nahapetyan

In this episode of Retail & Change, presented by CPI’s Thoughtcast, host Rob Blythin sits down with Ruzanna Nahapetyan, co-founder of SimplySolutions, a company that integrates IT with retail operations to enhance the overall customer experience.  

Ruzanna’s career began in retail management, where she gained invaluable experience as a marketing manager and director in shopping centers. She also founded a small business in French shopping centers, focusing on sunglasses. “This dual perspective from both large shopping centers and small businesses shaped my understanding of retail,” she explains.  

When she moved to Malta, Ruzanna co-founded SimplySolutions to bring IT innovation to the retail sector. “Our goal was to automate various retail sectors beyond traditional retail, including telecom and pharmacies, through technological solutions.”



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A major part of the discussion focused on SimplySolutions' collaboration with CPI to address cash management challenges. Despite the global shift towards cashless transactions, cash remains prevalent in countries like Malta and Germany. “We introduced cash handling machines to reduce the operational stress faced by retail managers and cashiers,” Ruzanna notes. “These machines not only streamline cash management but also improve the overall working environment in retail settings.”  

SimplySolutions began with self-service kiosks to optimize retail operations, offering both card and cash payment options. “Consumers appreciate the flexibility of choosing their preferred payment method. Despite the rise of card payments, many people still prefer using cash in physical outlets.”  

Ruzanna also notes the ongoing challenges in the retail market, such as cash management and human resource limitations, but remains optimistic about the future, particularly with the potential of data and AI for real-time customer behavior analysis and personalized marketing.  

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