Continuous Batch Processing (CBP)

Dramatically increase efficiency with uninterrupted workflow

This valuable option enables JetScan MPX 8200 machines to process multiple batches continuously, with dramatic improvements in efficiency. By eliminating the manual steps of starting, stopping and ending batches, actual throughput in excess of 45,000 documents per hour can be achieved. 

Benefits include:

  • Significant productivity and efficiency gains
  • Greatly simplified operation and fewer rejects
  • Multi-tasking opportunities due to labor savings
  • Increased uptime and less machine wear
  • Errors reduced through ease of use, accuracy
  • Deposits processed and revenue posted faster

The operator places custom-designed bar-coded control documents at the end of each batch to enable JetScan MPS to identify batch-ends during non-stop processing. The integrated JetTouch software then independently tracks, totals and ends the batches, maintaining batch integrity. Cash processing efficiency is maximized with greater security and accountability.

Two offsort pockets are used to separate open batch-control documents and rejects from closed batch-control documents (batches without rejects), automatically. No searching through the entire stack of control documents to find batches with rejects. Simply reprocess the open batches at your convenience – no further processing of closed batches is required.

Operators tell us that CBP makes their job easier. Operation is simplified and proficiency enhanced via intuitive touch-screen operation. Additional savings are realized through decreased money handling and reduced equipment wear.

CBP features:

  • High speed – At 1,000 documents per minute, JetScan MPS 4200 series is 33% to 66% faster than comparable models. Sustain maximum speed and productivity using CBP.
  • Precision – Maintain 99.99%+ accuracy with no compromise to speed or productivity.
  • Streamline reject reprocessing – No need for a separate "reject reprocessing station." Reload rejected notes and tickets with original control document from offsort pockets; CBP automatically reprocesses with remaining batches.
  • Batch Separation – With no two batches in the transport path at the same time, batch integrity is ensured, simplifying jam recovery and minimizing downtime.

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