Multi-function ATMs for Greater Efficiency


Self-banking in Turkey? No problem. Whether you’re standing on a street corner in Istanbul or in a small shop near the famous Antalya coast, there is likely an automated teller machine (ATM) located conveniently nearby. More than 47,000 ATMs are installed across the country – and these days you can do much more at them than withdraw cash.

NCR, global provider of ATMs, equipped its multi-function ATMs series with CX25 coin dispensers. Adding coin functionality to the existing ATMs enabled banks to benefit from in-branch efficiency, faster and more accurate coin handling and greater customer satisfaction.

How It Began

10 years ago, most ATMs in Turkey could only dispense banknotes for cash withdrawals. Meanwhile, customers had to go to their local bank branch to perform other cash-based transactions, including deposits and bill payments, with a human teller. Typically more time-consuming than cash withdrawals, these transactions increased customer wait times and lowered overall branch efficiency. The banks in Turkey therefore sought out a trusted and experienced partner who could provide them with a solution: the multi-function SelfServ ATM from NCR.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Rolled out to financial institutions across the country, the SelfServ ATM from NCR is equipped with the right configuration of payment devices to enable a wider range of cash-based transactions. The CX25™ coin dispenser from CPI, for instance, is a critical component of the SelfServ ATM, thanks to its high capacity requiring less frequent refills, bins that are easy to replenish, and superior jam-protection technology. And, by taking the responsibility of giving change off the teller’s shoulders, it helps further reduce queue times as well as human error and shrinkage, improving customer satisfaction and branch productivity. As a result, the number of coin transactions at ATMs has increased at a 10% annual rate over the last four years.

“NCR is a global leading supplier to the banking world,” said Murat Kulaksizoglu, account director at NCR Turkey.

“We see a trend of ATMs taking on low-value transactions that have traditionally been carried out by branch staff. The addition of coin handling to our ATMs is key to this, and NCR has chosen the well-proven CX25 for our new ATMs.”

Deploying multi-function SelfServ ATMs is just one step forward that CPI and NCR have taken together. The two companies have been collaborating and leveraging each other’s strengths to new markets for years. Currently, pilot projects and proofs of concept are being deployed in more than 33 countries, and together CPI and NCR will continue to take the first mover’s advantage in rising regional trends.