Utility Bills Paid Smarter


Branch transformation has quickly evolved. Over the past few years, banks transferred over-the-counter transactions to automated kiosks. This change started as banks realized that many walk-in customers, who regularly visited their branches to perform simple cash transactions, created extensive queues in front of the counters, significantly undermining the in-branch customer experience. Moreover, these long queues created a burden to bank staff, who conducted tedious and repetitive transactions during their busy hours. As banks preferred to have their staff dedicated to promoting and selling higher-value financial instruments, a smarter, faster solution to process simple payments became a necessary part of bank branch transformation projects.

The Solution

At the time when local banks were seeking customized applications for their branch, global OEMs were focused on mergers and acquisitions projects. Crane Payment Innovations was able to connect banks with local OEMS who were eager to customize their solutions to satisfy the needs of customers, ranging from improved customer convenience to errorless process of transactions.

“We specialize in developing customized kiosks based on our customer bank's needs, which is the exclusive benefit that mass-producing OEMs do not provide today,” stated Stefan Militaru, the ATM Service Manager at AIM Solution Serv.

What substantially enhanced the process of note handling was CPI’s SC Advance note validator, accompanied by BNF (“SC BNF”).

SC BNF improves teller efficiency by reducing the amount of time required to process cash, and doing so in a way that improves both security and customer service. In short, SC BNF demonstrated its superiority through three major benefits. First, bulk note acceptance up to 30 notes at one time dramatically decreases processing time of making deposit. Next, a user-friendly operation with its note rejects path divider results in uninterrupted cash handling process, allowing customers to handle transactions with no frustrations. Lastly, increased security against fraud notes allows customers to operate transactions in a completely secure, self-service environment.

The Result

With CPI’s SC BNF, customers can easily and securely make deposits to a customized kiosk to transfer money or pay utility bills on their own. Today, customers conduct over 1,500 transactions per kiosk every month and the total value that is transacted in over 800 kiosks is on average 30 million Euros, annually. A major bank in Romania was looking for a flexible solution that would be framed in to its design concept. In order to fit the kiosks with the local branches, they chose to go with AIM Solution Serv.

Fast and seamless customer experience has always been one of the top concerns. It is the matter of which supplier can provide just-right products to banks, the products that are developed and customized in a way that every little detail meets their needs,” said Mr. Militaru.

Customized Bill Payment Kiosk improves the experience for walk-in customers with simple transaction, while increasing efficiency for bank staffs as they can focus on core banking activities.” 

About AIM Solution Serv: AIM Solution Serv provides customers in the banking segment with integrated electronic payment solutions in Romania, including hardware and software.