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Streamlining processes and boosting efficiencies across the casino floor

Boost Your Casino's Efficiency with the CPI Cashless System


What would taking 10% of cash off from your floor mean for your operations? Imagine the benefits on your drop process, reconciliation process, cage staffing levels and more. That is one of the key benefits that cashless payments offer.

You know the traditional cash handling processes are labor-intensive, costly, and prone to shrinkage and human error. Meanwhile, cashless payments offer a modern solution to these longstanding pain points - streamlining processes and boosting efficiencies across the casino floor.

The CPI Cashless System is a revolutionary solution that allows casinos to easily enable cashless payments with no system overhauls or expensive IT upgrades required. By leveraging the existing SC Advance™ note validator technology from CPI already integrated into your casino slots, this system accepts a diverse range of digital payments directly from players' mobile wallets. No expensive casino management system upgrades, high-speed infrastructure updates, or changes to well-established accounting and reconciliation processes are needed.

So how exactly does going cashless improve operational efficiency for casino operators? Here are four key areas of impact:

Reduces Cash Handling Costs

Moving, counting, securing, and managing vast amounts of physical cash is an expensive undertaking that requires dedicated staffing and complex logistics. Cashless digital payments significantly reduce these labor costs by automating and streamlining transactions through mobile casino wallets and contactless payment interfaces. The CPI Cashless System eliminates these cumbersome tasks, allowing staff to dedicate their energy to what truly matters - enhancing guest service and engagement. With the CPI Cashless System, the transition to a cashless environment is streamlined, integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructures and minimizing disruption, ensuring that the operational flow remains uninterrupted.

Accelerates Transaction Speeds

Long lines at cashier cages, ticket redemption kiosks, and gambling tables create frustrating friction points for guests. With cashless wagering, there's no more waiting for players to gather cash and feed it into bill validators repeatedly. Transactions happen with a simple tap, improving throughput and maximizing valuable game uptime.

Driving Revenue Growth through Data Insights

One of the less obvious yet profoundly impactful advantages of going cashless is the wealth of data that becomes available. This data provides deep insights into player behaviors and preferences, allowing casinos to tailor their offerings and promotions with unparalleled precision. The result is a more engaging and personalized experience for players, encouraging longer play times and increased spending, which, in turn, drives revenue growth.

Elevating the Player Experience

Today's casino patrons expect convenience, speed, and safety - demands that are fully met by the CPI Cashless System. By allowing players to move seamlessly between games without the need to manage physical cash, the system not only enhances the overall experience but also positions the casino as a forward-thinking establishment that prioritizes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enable cashless easily with CPI Cashless System 

The best part? Adopting the CPI Cashless System requires minimal disruption or investment. It seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and trusted CPI technology so you can begin realizing the benefits of cashless today while developing a long-term digital strategy at your own pace. Implementation is quick and straightforward, handled by CPI's experts who evaluate your current technology stack and roll out any required low-cost enhancements.

In today's digital economy where contactless payments are the norm, cashless wagering remains the future for consumer transactions - including within casinos slot games and properties. Boost your operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and keep the casino experience seamless and secure by embracing this proven, cost-effective cashless solution.

The path to a more modern, optimized casino floor starts with a simple call to CPI. Why wait to elevate your property's performance?