CPI Strengthening Protections against Counterfeit Cash in Banking

CPI Strengthening Protections against Counterfeit Cash in Banking

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – March 5, 2018– Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, has enhanced its BCR coin recycler to meet “OLAF” regulation standards. OLAF, or the European Anti-Fraud Office, investigates fraud against the EU budget, corruption and serious misconduct within the European institutions.


CPI’s Bulk Coin Recycler (BCR) is an optimized coin-handling solution for fast and easy integration into Self-Service Terminals and ATMs. The BCR accepts coins in bulk, accurately sorts them into coin hoppers, and outputs correct change at the end of a transaction. The BCR coin recycler received its first annual certification from OLAF in 2016 and has since passed rigorous tests against fraud coins at major Coin National Analysis Centers (CNACs) across Europe.  “We work continuously to ensure our products will meet the most up-to-date requirements of the member states and customers – even as their needs evolve,” stated Stephan Rosseneu, CPI sales director of EMEA. 


Globally, banks have been adopting Assisted Self-Service Terminals and ATMs to handle routinized tasks such as bill payment, cash deposit and cheque cashing - ensuring their branch staff have time to focus on higher-value financial instruments and tasks like credits, loans, and mortgages. These self-service banking applications therefore require not only the capability to handle coins, but also the right compliance with local governments.


 “Having a reliable and secure coin solution enables our banking customers to operate ATMs and Assisted Self-Service Terminals under a protected, reliable and efficient self-service environment. Our goal is to safeguard the profitability of our customers, helping them automate their cash handling without worry about frauds,” stated Mr. Rosseneu.


For more information about the BCR coin recycler and CPI’s wide range of coin solutions for the banking industry, please visit www.cranepi.com.


About CPI


Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) provides a full range of unattended payment solutions for Gaming, Retail, Transportation, Vending and Financial Services applications. CPI is built upon the technological heritage and market expertise of the NRI, CashCode, Telequip, Money Controls and, most recently, MEI and Conlux brands.


CPI works in partnership with valued customers to enhance its portfolio of high-quality payment solutions - from coin and bill processing to cashless systems and asset management software. 


CPI is headquartered in Malvern, Pa with additional offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution and service centers worldwide. The company holds one of the world's largest installed bases of unattended payment systems. For more information, visit www.CranePI.com.


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