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Anton Heidinger, tamigo

Embracing AI in Workforce Management: Insights from CPI’s ThoughtCast Episode 2


In this episode, CPI’s Rob Blythin spoke with Anton Heidinger from tamigo, a leading provider of workforce management solutions. Together they dove into the topic of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into workforce management, offering a fresh perspective on balancing technology with human-centric approaches in retail. Anton shed light on how the Denmark-based company is revolutionizing scheduling, time tracking, and absence planning across Europe.

"AI is something everyone wants these days, but the challenge lies in balancing automation with the personal touch," Anton began. He emphasized tamigo's mission to empower employees through technology while maintaining essential human interactions within teams.

According to Anton, while automation can streamline operations, it's critical to preserve the unique dynamics between employees, such as scheduling preferences and interpersonal relations.

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tamigo, founded in 2006, has made significant strides in expanding its reach beyond Denmark, with Anton playing a crucial role in exploring new markets as a Business Development Representative. "Our journey from Denmark to countries like Germany, the UK, and Italy has been fueled by our commitment to adapt and respond to the diverse needs of our clients," Anton shared, highlighting the company's growth strategy.

Discussing the challenges of digital adoption, Anton pointed out, "One of the biggest hurdles at the employee level, especially in markets like Germany, is the resistance to using personal smartphones for work-related tasks." tamigo's solution to this is an intuitive app designed to ease employees into the digital workflow, proving that technology can be both powerful and accessible.

For planners transitioning from traditional methods to tamigo's system, Anton underscored the importance of showing the tangible benefits of digital scheduling. "We often hear from planners who've switched to tamigo saying they've saved a full day's work per week, allowing them to focus more on their teams," he remarked, highlighting the efficiency gains from adopting AI-driven tools.

Looking forward, Anton revealed tamigo's roadmap, focusing on product development and market expansion, particularly in Germany, France, and the UK. "Our growth is a testament to our ability to listen to our customers and evolve our platform to meet their evolving needs," he stated, underlining the importance of customer feedback in shaping tamigo's offerings.

A cornerstone of tamigo's success, as Anton proudly notes, is their unparalleled customer support. "With support available in over 20 countries and in about 24 languages, we stand out for our commitment to providing personalized assistance," he emphasized, showcasing tamigo's dedication to its diverse clientele.

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