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Peter Trosien, CEO Pyramid

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 6


Retail & Change

In an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping industries, some organizations are finding success in bringing this kind of technology to retail. CPI’s Rob Blythin recently sat down with Peter Trosien, CEO of Pyramid, to talk about the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into retail solutions, and how his company remains a step ahead in the evolving technological landscape. 

Peter’s vision for AI in retail is both ambitious and pragmatic, acknowledging the potential while being mindful of challenges. “AI will be the big game changer, the big challenge...the opportunities are great,” he states. His anticipation of AI's impact is not just about the technology itself but about harnessing it to create more personalized, efficient, and engaging retail environments. 

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During his long career at Pyramid, Peter has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of technology in retail. He emphasizes the company’s agility in adapting to technological advancements, and how this approach positions Pyramid uniquely in leveraging AI and other technologies to meet the growing demands of the retail industry. 

Furthermore, Peter is acutely aware of the balance between global trends and local demands, ensuring Pyramid's solutions are adaptable and relevant across different markets. “We have established business relationships all over the world. It's very strong for sure in Europe because we are a Europe-based company. In the US market, we have a lot of businesses set up there and will expand our business more and more,” he elaborates.  

As Pyramid navigates the future of retail, Peter is particularly excited about the possibilities AI brings to the sector. “I love all the AI-based solutions I see all around, all the advantages and disadvantages. Everybody is concerned about data security, but the opportunities are great,” he reflects. His enthusiasm for AI-driven solutions underscores a commitment to not just adopting new technologies but also innovating in ways that enhance retail experiences while addressing potential challenges. 

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