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Maciej Czapiewski, Emerging Technology Director, Mago

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 7


Retail & Change

Designing for Frictionless Shopping

In an era where technology and retail are converging, one of the outcomes most appreciated by customers is seamless shopping experiences. In this episode of Retail & Change presented by CPI’s Thoughtcast, Rob Blythin sat down with Maciej Czapiewski, the Emerging Technology Director at Mago to discuss how Mago is navigating the challenges and opportunities within the retail sector. 

With a history spanning over 35 years, Mago has established itself as a leader in the European market, particularly in self-service solutions, and is continuing to build its portfolio. This evolution reflects the broader industry trend towards integrating technology into retail environments, a movement Mago has embraced wholeheartedly.  

The retail industry's future, as seen through Mago's lens, revolves around automating and optimizing processes to enhance the customer experience and reduce costs. "I think the trend will be helping shoppers to make more operations by themselves," Maciej predicts. This reflects a broader trend towards self-service and automation, driven by technology and changing consumer expectations. 

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Mago's innovative concept, termed "designology," represents the fusion of traditional retail technology with cutting-edge technological solutions. This includes a wide array of products aimed at automating the sales process, from hybrid self-checkouts to intelligent carts, aptly named "Clever." As Maciej explains, "We are expanding…So, we have to offer a more general overview of the processes, what is happening on the retail general market in Europe." 

A significant part of Mago's strategy involves deep engagement with clients to understand their needs and processes thoroughly. This customer-centric approach allows Mago to create solutions that are not just products, but comprehensive systems designed to optimize retail operations. "We are trying to analyze the processes from the client's side... and to propose the solution, which will be covering the process and not just selling simple products," emphasizes Maciej. 

One of the standout innovations from Mago is the Clever cart, a testament to the company's vision for a frictionless shopping experience. The Clever cart is designed to enhance the customer journey within the store, providing personalized shopping assistance, from suggesting promotions to guiding shoppers to their desired products. "It's rather like a personal assistant than just a mobile self-checkout," says Maciej. 

Looking ahead, Mago's goals are ambitious and reflect a commitment to expanding its technological offerings and market presence. This includes not only solidifying their presence in new markets, but also advancing solutions like the Clever cart and exploring autonomous fulfillment centers. 

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