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Retailers are Turning to Custom Vending

How Operators Can Be Ready to Support


Vending: Not Just for Vending

How Convenience Services is Expanding

Vending: it’s not just for vending anymore. As retailers and brands look for ways to extend their reach and distribute their products in new ways, they’re turning to vending for customized merchandising solutions. A trend driven by both retailers and end users seeking self-service, vending operators are presented with new market opportunities to deploy the equipment they’ve been using for years in a whole new way.

Brand Extension

How Custom Vending Can Play a Role

Auto Vending Specialists (AVS), an Australian equipment distributor, has successfully used vending for companies seeking to deploy and extend their brands in unique ways. Some of the world’s leading retailers, including Moet, Armani, Lancôme, and Yves Saint Laurent, have partnered with AVS to produce custom vending machines that both promote their brands and delight their customers. 

Their most recognizable project supported wine producer Moet with a custom vending machine. Designed to dispense single-serving champagne bottles, the fully branded vending machines debuted at high-end events and venues. Vending gave Moet an interactive way to take their brand and their product directly to the end customer. 

The custom machine program resulted in an uplift for AVS revenue and awareness. To support the custom requests, many of which are for pop-up or temporary events, the AVS model enables companies and brands to rent the machines. This allows them to use the same equipment from event to event, with custom wraps and graphics for each. AVS founder, Basil Hourmouzis, explained that while AVS works with multiple machine manufacturers, they lean on CPI machines for custom events. The flexibility and brand reach enabled by the custom machines' graphics and digital media screens delivers extra value to retailers.

Big Branding Opportunities

Vending's Custom Future

Hourmouzis believes that the trend towards non-traditional vending will continue to increase over the years, as retailers look for new ways to distribute and promote their products and brands. Both distributors and operators should accommodate these changing needs, increasing the flexibility of their offerings to support clientele beyond the traditional convenience services market.  Increased consumer reliance on self-service will mean increased demands from brands looking for new options to stay engaged with their customers. 

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