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Why Fitness Sort?

  • To sort currency according to different uses and fitness quality requirements. For example, ATM machines, bill changers, and other self-service currency machines may require higher quality currency in order to operate properly, maximize machine uptime and minimize service calls. At the same time, currency designated for bank tellers, cashiers or similar customer service personnel may not have to be quite as clean, but should still meet certain quality standards to maintain a professional appearance, increase customer satisfaction and reduce transaction times.
  • To reduce cash transportation costs.
  • To meet Federal Reserve fitness guidelines for U.S. banknotes as part of the Currency Recirculation Policy, and to avoid cross-shipping fees.


What is a fit versus an unfit note?

In general, currency is considered fit, or suitable for recirculation if it meets all of the following requirements:

  • Is genuine (non-counterfeit) currency.
  • Has proper dimensions.
  • Is a current series design (1996 and newer for $10s and $20s).
  • Is free from excessive holes, tears, tape, or folded/missing corners.
  • Has uniform brightness and is free from excessive soil and graffiti.
  • Is free from excessive print wear, particularly in the portrait area.

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