JetScan MPS 4200
JetScan MPS 4200
JetScan MPS 4200
JetScan MPS 4200

JetScan MPS 4200

Currency Sorter


Height-adjustable table and front work surface: work efficiently with minimal effort

Continuous high-capacity feeder: multi-batch, 1,000 document capacity

Eight user-configured sorting pockets: 300-item capacity each

Track non-currency items: coupons, gift certificates, checks and other items

Product Information

Affordable multi-pocket currency counting, flexible output options.

Vault-proven currency and ticket sorting and scanning in a compact, mobile 8-pocket machine with optional fitness, strappers, and ticket imaging. Process with 99.99% accuracy and industry leading uptime.


  • Tabletop solution performs much like a 4100
  • Sort cash and tickets at 1,000 items per minute
  • Preset 8 user-specific operations
  • Ensure accuracy with double verification of notes
  • Enhance security using password controls
  • Face bills automatically
  • Mitigate risk with enhanced counterfeit
  • Use on-screen diagnostics to increase uptime
  • Easy touchscreen operation

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