Going Green

Our Commitment to Clean Vending


It All Starts With A Single Step

We know that the transition to a cleaner world won't happen overnight. 

CPI is committed to working with industry leaders and operators to provide economical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to enable operators to improve their business and serve their customers, while making vending a model of modern technology. We are committed to the implementation of improved energy standards globally with a goal to make the transition as simple as possible, minimizing business disruptions for our customers. We have made significant investments in the last year to transition our machines to the use of green refrigerants (R290) and improved, energy efficient components. 
 While we are focused on making our products more efficient, we are also on a journey of transforming our manufacturing processes and product designs to reduce our carbon footprint.  These product design goals enable upgrades to products instead of discarding them, while the increased use of recyclable materials are in place to help CPI achieve our 2030 sustainability goals.  


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