BevMAX Media2


Improved screen performance provides enhanced user experience, with a more responsive screen and boot up time of less than a minute.

Digital advertising capabilities allow operators to encourage sales and build brand loyalty with interactive promotions and display advertising throughout the purchase experience.

Suggestive selling helps consumers make selections while exposing them to new products, slow movers, or complimentary promotions.

Remote management is available on MEDIA2 machines with Simplifi, enabling operators to manage price changes, planograms, and nutritional information over-the-air.

Shopping cart feature enables customers to make multi-product purchases in one, simple transaction.

Custom graphics allow retailers to create a custom storefront using CPI's design service to enhance a location or promote their brand.

Energy Efficient and environmentally friendly R290 refrigeration system to meet latest Energy Star standards and deliver improved energy performance.

Product Information

Experience the future of vending with BevMAX MEDIA2, the next generation of unattended retail consumer experience.

Deliver the most engaging customer experience yet with the MEDIA2 platform. Enabled for suggestive selling and digital advertising, the MEDIA2 screen on our BevMAX refrigerated machine allows you to promote new or slow moving products for increased sales.