JetSort 6000
JetSort 6000

JetSort 6000

Coin Counter


Exact bag stops: Ensures accurate bag and box counts every time.

Touchscreen display: Ensures fast and efficient coin sorter control.

Gravity-fed sorter: Allows fast processing of poured coins without backups, stopping or jamming.

Easy programming: Ensures available features meet your changing business needs.

Product Information

Count and sort up to 10,000 coins per minute.

Especially designed for coin-intensive businesses, the JetSort 6000 high-volume commercial coin sorter and counter is fast, reliable and durable.

Designed to process 10,000 dimes a minute with 99.995% sorting accuracy, this fast and efficient commercial coin sorting machine is warranted to 50 million coins.


  • Maximize efficiency with processing speeds up to 10,000 coins per minute.
  • Ensure balanced deposits with 99.995% accuracy and exact bag stops.
  • Expand processing volume with dual bags for high-volume denominations.
  • Improve flexibility with rich features and options designed for your changing business needs.

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