Our transport product portfolio

In the transportation markets, our solutions are used within Fare Collection, Parking & Toll cash handling applications. Examples include Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), Parking payment kiosks Off-Street, Parking Meters & Pay & Display machines On Street and Toll Booth payment stations.

Our solutions are designed to bring efficient & secure cash handling to Transit, Parking & Toll Operators, maximizing throughput & uptime while providing lowest total cost of ownership.

On-Street Parking

Reliable, secure & robust are key attributes for any On Street Parking application. CPI’s products deliver on all fronts, from coin through bills and ePayment solutions designed to deliver a cost effective solution into parking meters & Pay & Display machines.

Off-Street Parking

Parking Operators have a sharp focus on the bottom line. Perhaps this is why cash recycling is nowhere more prominent in transportation than in off-street POF stations. Parking Operators have been the first to recognize the merits and realize the financial benefits of bill recycling.


Public Transport

Providing an exceptional customer experience while minimizing operating costs are key concerns for Transit Operators. Cash recycling solutions enable efficient management of funds while ensuring customer transactions are fast & secure. The CPI cash recycling solutions are designed to handle the toughest environmental challenges found in global metros, and equipped for the high throughput demands of Fare Collection around the world.


CPI offers industry leading cash recycling technology equipped to succeed in the demanding outdoor environments of Toll payment. Secure, fast and easy to use, the CPI solutions combine to deliver market leading performance for Toll Operators.

Over 50 years of transport innovation

Delivering solutions that meet the demanding needs of Fare Collection, Parking & Tolls requires a deep understanding of those markets, globally. Over decades, CPI has worked alongside Operators to understand the specific challenges of these markets that keep the world moving. The resulting solutions leverage this experience and know how to offer market leading business transformation to our customers.