Paypod Embedded by CPI with counter
Paypod Embedded by CPI
Paypod Embedded by CPI with counter
Paypod Embedded by CPI

Paypod™ Embedded

Pay Station


Save time by enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing manual cash handling

Increase control with a secure enclosure that reduces shrink and eliminates counterfeits

Improve hygiene by allowing food to be handled by employees and cash to be handled by customers

Integrate seamlessly with your existing point-of-sale system

Product Information

Paypod Pay Station helps retailers with cash handling at the point of sale. Employees process the transaction and support the checkout, while customers complete the payment. By automating payment, retailers can limit hygienic issues and time spent on reconciling while improving throughput.

Paypod Embedded easily fits under standard retail counters. The robust, hardened design is secure with a lockable enclosure door, lockable banknote recycler cashbox, and a dual-locking feature on the coin recycler. The rolling cart with swivel base provides 360° access to the cash devices from behind the counter.

Realize payment automation at your store today.

Introducing Paypod

The automated Cashier Assistant revolutionizing retail

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