Microtronic MICROstation6 for CPI
Microtronic MICROstation6 for CPI


Closed Loop Device


No connection necessary. MIRCOstation6 is optimized for offline, but also handles online e-vending operations

Make adding value worthwhile. Program revaluation and debit of RFID tags and e-vending account

Data to drive profitability. Customer insights and metrics

Flexible for your needs. Manual input of amounts or fixed value per key

Product Information

MICROstation6 is a compact POS system for closed loop payments. It includes reloading and sales functions for vending, as well as provides extensions for operation in restaurants and kiosk environments.

With immediate start-up and simple operation via the 4x4 keypad, the MICROstation6 makes managing products with fixed prices/VAT simple. The comfortable, 4-line display for transactions, settings, and statistics can connect to a printer or a customer display. Transfer EVA-DTS statistics by RFID or via the handheld MDD6.

The MICROstation6 makes it easy to reload or debit funds on your closed site payment system.