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Closed Site Media


Closed Site Media

Closed site media is practical, easily carried, and offers unlimited possibilities. They're fun too. Print your brand's mark or tagline on versatile MIFARE cards or MIFARE stickers.

Your logo and brand message are an integral part of your brand identity, so choose the exact shape and color of your MIFARE media. CPI provides you with a wide selection of personalizable, closed loop media. Your choices range from standard tags and cards to high-end media in leather.


  • Master-Debit for revaluation on the vending machine
  • Test vends and AutoConfig initialization for an easy setup
  • Reader initialization & Configuration
  • Telemetry to easily transfer data
  • Transfer blocked list and display text to easily manage the field base
  • Print statistics and protocols
  • Customize your media with a choice of colors or choose your own label



mei-pay Multi-Bezel

Offers an option of taking audit via audit key and diagnostics via easy to read tri-coloured LEDs.

  • Dimensions: 80 * 76 * 26 mm
  • Display LEDs: green, yellow, red
  • Fitting: front, panel
  • Drill Hole: 4 * 4 mm (fitting)
  • Drill Hole: 2 * 12 mm (cables)

mei-pay E-Key Bezel

U-KEY reader offers audit via audit key option with easy-to-read diagnostic display.

  • Dimensions: ø 32.5  mm
  • Display LEDs: green, yellow, red
  • Fitting: front, panel

DIS6 Display

  • Dimensions: 10.8 * 56.2 mm
  • Display: LCD 3 * 16 characters
  • Operating Voltage: 5 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 625 mW
  • Fitting: front panel