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The MEI® BNR (Bank Note Recycler) is a fresh approach to today’s world of cash management. Designed to mimic the accept and dispense ability of a cashier, the BNR automates these actions into a smart recycling process in a more secure environment.  The modular design configurations make it ideal for applications in self-checkout, retail payment, financial services and transport markets.

Paired with a coin recycler, the BNR will provide your business with a reliable, closed loop cash management solution allowing your team to focus more on the customer and less on the cash.


Customer friendly, high speed, high security acceptance in a closed loop system

Bulk dispense of up to 15 notes minimizes customer waiting time at the end of a transaction

Audit data is retrieved at the end of the day with all daily funds stored in a single locked cashbox

Flexible design options with up to 3 dual recycler modules allows recycling of up to 6 denominations

Increase security protecting cash from the criminal element


Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
Closed: 604mm x 165mm x 275mm
604mm x 165mm x 529mm
Note validation
60 - 83mm Width
120 - 160mm Length
Interfaces Supported
Denominations Recycled
Up to 6
Maximum Stacking Capacity
600 or 1400 bills
Recycling Cassette Capacity
(30+60) x 3 = 270 bills
Note Memory Capacity
Up to 60 notes, four ways
Operating Temperature
0°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity
15-95% relative humidity
Firmware Updates
Remote software updates for firmware and note sets
up to 25.7kg (with Cashbox)
UL / cUL recognized component to UL 756 and CSA 128
CB certification to IEC 60950
Acceptance Rate
98% or higher
Power Requirements
24VDC -10%/+20%
Current Consumption
Standby: 0.5A
Accepting: 8A
B: plastic BZ / D: Flush metal BZ / S: Security Metal BZ
Maximum Length of Bill
Validation Sensors
Optical sensors


s, small chassis

600 note cashbox (S) & small chassis

600 note cashbox

600 note cashbox (S) & large chassis

1400 note cashbox small chassis

1400 note cashbox (M) & small chassis

1400 note cashbox (M) & large chassis

1400 note cashbox (M) & large chassis


CPI cashbox standard

Cashbox S (standard)

600 note capacity

CPI cashbox medium

Cashbox M (medium)

1,400 note capacity

250 banknote loader cassette

Loader Cassette

  • Up to 250 banknote capacity for start-up loading or negative float
  • Lockable and removable
  • Electronic memory for ID and content
  • Adjustable replenish float level of recycler
Recycler Module

Recycler Module

2x Denomination Recycler Module

Flush Metal Bezel

Flush Metal Bezel

Flush Metal (high security) Bezel

Black Plastic Bezel

Black Plastic Bezel

BNA6 Silver Plastic Bezel

Silver Plastic Bezel