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CR6000 Coin Recycler

Crane Payment Innovations Releases New CLS Advance

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – February 26, 2020 – Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, announces the release of the CR6000 Coin Recycler.

Counting coins and managing coin transactions can be a laborious task. By integrating a secure recycling solution, coins can be counted, stored and paid out as change to customers automatically.

The CR6000 is a space-efficient coin recycler that can handle global coin sets. With an integrated active cashbox that allows you to recycle multi-denominations, together with the four hoppers, you can now utilize all coins for use as change.

The CR6000 utilises field-proven coin transport modules and components to deliver a highly reliable coin recycling system based on over 40 years of currency handling expertise. With a small coin-in to coin-out height, the CR6000 is ADA and DDA compliant. Auto-jam detection and clearance functions minimize the need for manual attendance.

The CR6000 is ideal for applications such as self-check-out, fare collection and banking.

  • Active debris management maintains machine up-time by filtering debris before it enters the system
  • Supports global coin sets and denominations
  • Accept and dispense non-hopper coins, allowing you to recycle all denominations
  • Automatic jam clearance maintains machine up-time
  • A user facing diagnostic panel, which clearly indicates system status and directs users for ease of maintenance

For more information, please visit the CR6000 product page.


Download the trade release