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EV Charging Anxiety

What Manufacturers and Operators Can Do for the End-User


Redefining the Ideal EV Charging Experience

Choosing Payment Technology to Succeed in a Dynamic Market

There’s no doubt that the time for electric vehicle adoption is here. To date it is estimated that there are more than 16.5 million electric cars on the road. Furthermore, all major auto manufacturers are pushing forward updates to their leading models to integrate more EV options for consumers. Thus, sparking the opportunity for several new players to enter this space.  

However, with an increase in electric vehicle adoption comes a need for drivers to have convenient locations to charge their batteries when they are on the road, providing another major opportunity for the parking industry.  


Wallet-friendly payment solutions to reduce EV charge anxiety 

One obvious difference between a traditional ICE and an electric vehicle is “refueling” time. For an EV, the experience is much longer in comparison to ICE vehicles, even with fast charging technology. Therefore, charge anxiety has, to an extent, replaced range anxiety in the minds of EV drivers. Battery performance has been a major focus in recent years and ranges of more than 350 miles are being quoted on specifications of new models.2 

Additionally, a need that EV drivers are facing is paying for the power to get back on the road again. Therefore, a simple, convenient, and “wallet friendly” EV charger must be a consideration since ease and flexibility in a complex world is a win. Nothing more certain to increase anxiety than not being able to charge up and go! 

As a result, minimizing charge anxiety and delivering a charging experience that is consistent, reliable, and simple is your task regardless of your role - as an EV charging manufacturer or parking operator. 


Easing charge anxiety with reliability and consistency  

Fortunately, the Alio Pro is here to help you meet those needs, ensuring that you’re better prepared to support your end users. With the Alio Pro, you’ll be able to:  

  • Accept everything in your customer’s wallet:
    •  - We may all love an app but it’s often not feasible to expect customers to have an app already downloaded. So, Alio Pro accepts:


  • Offer your customer a reward or incentive to park at your property again:
    •  - Simply add a QR code that creates a voucher or tie in a pre-existing loyalty or bonus program

EV Charging QR - reduced

  • Ensure reliability:
    • - CPI handles 4 billion transactions weekly and is trusted by many of the world’s largest financial institutions and retailers.

So, where better to charge your vehicle than where it must be stationary! Park your car, plug in, and go about your other activities – shop, eat, work – with the assurance that your EV is ready to go when you are. Multi-tasking at its finest!

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