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Is Payment Anxiety the New Range Anxiety?


Park. Tap. Charge.

Uncomplicating Payment at EV Charging Stations

In Europe, electric vehicle adoption has been on the rise in recent years, with projected market unit sales expected to reach 5.5 million vehicles in 2027.1 With this growing demand for electric cars comes a requirement for a convenient charging experience that all drivers can enjoy.  

However, an easy, reliable charging experience is currently not the case in much of Europe for drivers that use unfamiliar chargers. This is, in large part, due to drivers facing an inconsistent payment structure across charging stations. For example, one charging station could require payment from a specific subscription app or a contactless payment option and another could require a different subscription app. This results in drivers potentially finding themselves in the unfortunate and frustrating situation of being unable to use chargers if they don’t have the correct app or contactless payment option. And with 90% of charging stations in Europe not being equipped with a credit card reader, drivers have much higher chances of finding themselves in this scenario.2

Life is complex enough and with vehicle manufacturers executing on improved battery performance, it’s not surprising that charge anxiety is likely replacing range anxiety. In simple terms, EV drivers want the same frictionless payment experience as buying a latte or purchasing petrol at the petrol station. Let’s not create payment anxiety on top of this.

Having found a charger that’s up and running, surely making payment simple and consistent must be a win for everyone in the value chain? Let’s keep the complex function of electric vehicles in the technology and performance of the vehicle itself and not bring it into the everyday aspect of payment at the “pump.”

Having to download an app, or having a subscription to a club may suit many, but as electric vehicles become ubiquitous, doesn’t the consumer have the right for more payment flexibility? Drivers already deal with range anxiety associated with route planning and journey duration, adding a complex way to refuel, or continuing to proliferate app-based payment as the only option will only create a new type of anxiety around payment. Working towards a more sustainable future needs accessibility for all, so ensuring payment is familiar is a very easy way to remove a headache and pain point for drivers.

Fortunately, CPI provides an open payment solution that provides drivers with a familiar payment experience that prevents payment anxiety and meets all regulatory requirements around PIN acceptance.


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