Fake money is on the rise



Don't be the one left holding counterfeit bills

$88.1 million counterfeit dollars were seized in 2013 - a 9% increase over 2012.Counterfeit arrests increased by 49%, due to the ease of producing fakes using an inkjet or laser printer. What was a sophisticated operation is now somewhat commonplace, meaning more organizations are at risk. Remember, it only takes one time for a fake bill to change hands; then whomever has it last gets stuck and loses the value of the bill.


40% of consumer transactions are cash and that is consistent across age and income levels. You can minimize the risk of incoming fake money by using currency counters with the best available counterfeit detection you can afford.

The industry's most advanced counterfeit detection.

CPI's JetScan counters catch many sophisticated counterfeit bills that other systems miss. Six different modes of detection sensing (with varying levels of sophistication) are available to meet the specific needs of currency processors:  

  • Scan sensors: Identifies the true value of clip-cornered bills. Low quality counterfeits are also challenged as "no calls."
  • Magnetic sensing: Basic magnetic sensing compares magnetic ink levels to different pre-set levels for each denomination. Thus, high value bills can be carefully screened while $1 or $5 settings can be low or off. Additional magnetic properties are monitored with more advanced sensors available in certain JetScan® models
  • Fluorescence sensing: Tests each bill's paper and stops when a bill fluoresces differently than real currency
  • Enhanced ultraviolet: Ultraviolet (UV) sensing validates paper authenticity. Different degrees of UV detection are incorporated into certain JetScan models with higher counterfeit detection capabilities
  • Infrared sensors: The latest technology in combating counterfeits tests the printing quality of each bill
  • Proprietary Detection Techniques: Advanced analytic software combined with cutting edge sensors catches counterfeit notes that other systems miss.

Ongoing R&D efforts

We've solved currency processing equipment

As the only U.S.-owned manufacturer of currency processing equipment, CPI has engineers and research scientists in Chicago, Philadelphia and San Diego.

Sensor development in CPI R&D facilities is conducted by highly skilled, multi-discipline personnel who are experienced with top-level projects for central banks worldwide. With this broad experience and expertise, CPI provides exclusive, state-of-the-art technology for improved currency processing.

Many types of counterfeit detecting equipment

Minimize your risk and protect yourself from counterfeiters. CPI has multiple models of cash counters with counterfeit detection and can provide professional consultation and free installation. Contact us today for a free quote and demonstration.

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