Merchant Ambient MEDIA2
Merchant Ambient MEDIA2

Merchant Ambient MEDIA2

Vending Machine


Faster Performance - Delivering unparalleled speed, reliability and on-screen responsiveness 

Higher Engagement - A larger 9" touchscreen with full-motion video attracts and engages consumers

Increased Sales - Suggestive selling and digital advertising drive impulse buys and add-on sales

Product Information

Elevate the consumer experience like never before. Introducing the redesigned Merchant Ambient

Enabled for suggestive selling and digital advertising, the MEDIA2 screen on the CPI Merchant Ambient refrigerated vending machine lets you engage with consumers like never before


  • Color Display - Engage consumers with larger, 9" touchscreen and full-motion video (7" touchscreen standard)
  • Suggestive Selling - Help consumers makes selections while exposing them to new products, slow movers, or complimentary products 
  • Shopping Cart - Enable multi-product purchases with one, simple transaction 
  • Nutritional Information - Inform consumers with a large display of easy-to-read nutrition facts
  • Custom Graphics - Create a custom storefront with our design service to enhance a location or promote your brand