Cash Drawer Processing
Cash Drawer Processing

Cash Drawer Processing

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Rebuild tills faster:  Cash Drawer Processing systems save time by guiding the user through the count and rebuild process.

Process tills faster: Employees spend more time serving customers

Increase count accuracy: Eliminates manual count errors

Improve loss prevention: Reduced exposure and drawer identification on printed reconciliation decreases risk, promotes greater accountability

Cut deposit drop times: Quick entry of floats, skims, rolled coin and cash drawer totals

Recycle coins: Save money on coin deposit fees

Product Information

Up to 80% reduction in cash till and cash draw processing time.

Significantly reduce the time spent balancing drawers and keep more people out on the floor assisting customers. Automated cash drawer processing systems dramatically improve cash till processing and deposit drop times. Count down and balance cash drawers, rebuild float amounts, set up tills and print reconciliation receipts. Process deposits with greater efficiency and security.

Count and balance cash and coins up to 80% faster. Make deposit drops up to 66% faster.


  • Automate cash handling: scan up to 1,600 mixed bills per minute

  • Automate check processing: scan 400 checks per minute and deposit electronically

  • Automate coin handling: sort 2,200 coins per minute

  • Thermal transfer printer: auto cut included

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