3-in-1 Bezel

Card Reader


Confidence for your consumers. Bezel LEDs interact with consumers in real time to inform accepted note denominations

Attract customers anywhere. Display and runway lighting compels and directs purchases, even in the darkest locations

Clear user interface. View transaction status on the two-line digital display

Clear unwanted transactions. Easily cancel purchases through the highly visible “END” button

Product Information

Modular in design, the MEI CashFlow 3-in-1 cashless bezel is perfectly suited for cash and card-heavy regions. Considered a "Recycler-Ready" solution, its compact form gives operators the ability and space to deploy both cashless and recycling technology in virtually any vending machine. This popular card reader mounts to an existing MEI note validator or works as a total solution with a validator included.

Combine with the Advance 5000 telemeter to comply with PCI PA-DSS requirements. The MEI 3-in-1 cashless bezel gives operators confidence that their cashless solution meets the industry standards for security.


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