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TML6 Terminal


TML6 Terminal

The TML6 by Microtronic is an ergonomic terminal for programming RFID media. With its modern design and ease of use, it also doubles as a POS reader for universal adoption.

The TML6 Terminal is a complete SDK (software development kit) for all POS implementation. This sleek and flexible tool works with both MIFARE and Calypso technologies, enabling closed loop or public site functionality.



  • Applications on PC: Media programming and statistics transfer 
  • Standalone applications: Formatting terminal and balance transfer
  • POS applications: Sales transactions and revaluation


Microtronic MDD6 for CPI


Makes reading data and programming readers easy.

  • Read out of sales stats, individual transactions, and support package
  • Reader programming and firmware downloads
  • 4GB of memory and long battery life