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BNA6 Advance™


BNA6 Advance™

The MEI® BNA6 Advance banknote validator is designed specifically for use in busy environments that require high security and a large-capacity, secure cashbox. Often found in less-than-ideal environmental conditions, the BNA6 Advance is ideal for automated fare collection, toll systems, pay on foot parking systems and cash deposit solutions. This unit has dedicated multi-note escrow capabilities to ensure fast transaction times for your customers on the go.

As for self-secure features, the BNA6 Advance is equipped with advance optical recognition as well as an anti-card insertion device to deter jamming while the validator head and cashbox can be locked to the main chassis.


Multiple bezel selection designed to suit a variety of environmental conditions

Rugged, lockable cashbox adds longevity and an extra layer of security to align with most outdoor applications

Dedicated full multi-note escrow for faster transactions won’t leave your customers standing out in the cold

Advanced optical recognition technology provides high security banknote validation


Industry Format
Frontload, Downstacker
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
405mm X 165mm X 346mm with 1,400 note cashbox
Note Validation
Note path width: 60mm - 83 mm
Note length: 120mm – 160mm
Interfaces Supported
Firmware Updates
Remote software updates for firmware and note sets
Note Acceptance Speed
1.8 seconds
15.9 kgs
UL / cUL recognized component to UL 756 and CSA 128
CB certification to IEC 60950
Power Requirements
24 V DC (-10% +20%)
B: Black Plastic, D: Flush Metal, S: Security Metal
Validation Sensors
Optical sensors


BNA6 Advance large cashbox by CPI

BNA6 Advance Large (BNA6L)

Cashbox capacity: 2,200 banknotes

Weight (with Flush bezel): 16.9kg

Dimensions (mm)
505mm (H) x 165mm (W) x 346mm (D)
BNA6 Advance medium cashbox by CPI

BNA6 Advance Medium (BNA6M)

Cashbox capacity: 1,400 banknotes

Weight (with Flush bezel): 14.8kg

Dimensions (mm)
405mm (H) x 165mm (W) x 346mm (D)
BNA6 Advance freefall cashbox by CPI

BNA6 Advance Freefall (BNA6F)

Cashbox capacity: Freefall

Weight (with Flush bezel): 11.1kg

Dimensions (mm)
303mm (H) x 165mm (W) x 346mm (D)


Flush Metal Bezel

Flush Metal Bezel

Flush Metal (high security) Bezel

Black Plastic Bezel

Black Plastic Bezel

BNA6 Silver Plastic Bezel

Silver Plastic Bezel

sts advance software by cpi

MEI STS for Banknotes

STS provides operators with the most flexibility and control over machines that have been enhanced with BNR Advance and BNA6 Advance products. It supports a full range of configuration and software update functions with user-friendly software and handheld tools so you can:

  • Reconfigure for new/multiple currency software and configuration data
  • Monitor the performance of your BNR Advance and BNA6 Advance field base
  • Collect unit performance and report audit data
  • Supports PPM and PPM Advance

STS is designed for use with minimal training so you can meet your unique support needs quickly and easily.